A Roof Collapse is More Likely in Southeast Wisconsin This Year as Heavier than Normal Snowfalls are Predicted

With the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the Farmer’s Almanac predicting heavier than normal snowfall this year, a roof collapse may be more likely for homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin.

The snowiest periods are expected to arrive in early December, early January, early February and mid-March.

For homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin (i.e. Waukesha, Brookfield, New Berlin, Muskego and the Lake Country Area) this means a higher probability of a winter roof collapse happening.

5 Ways to Avoid a Roof Collapse This Winter

So what steps should you take to help avoid a catastrophic roof collapse this winter?

  1. Gather important info about your roof, such as the year of installation and a list of materials (and material manufacturers) that were used. Knowing this kind of information can help qualified roofing contractors determine whether your roof is at risk or not.
  2. Schedule a roof inspection right away.
  3. Have roof replacements or roof repairs done as soon as possible.
  4. Take steps to prevent ice dams.
  5. When heavy snowfalls occur, stand 3-4 feet away from the edge of the roof and use a long-handled rake to remove the accumulated snow.
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