Our Roofers Explain Why Attic Condensation Problems Happen & How to Get Rid of Attic Condensation to Prevent a Bigger Issue

Who to Call for Condensation in Attic

One of the most common questions roofing contractors in Waukesha get is about attic condensation.

Oftentimes homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin think they have a more serious problem….a roof leak, but usually this is NOT the case.  Learning how to get rid of attic condensation is still important to prevent significant damage that could lead to bigger issues. Many of the solutions we provide can be completed by the homeowner themselves or a local roofer. 

Below we explain what exactly attic condensation is and how to avoid it.

Why Does my Attic Have Condensation?

Attic condensation generally happens during winter & spring months when warm, moist air from the main living area rises into the attic space. When that warm, moist air meets the chilly underside of your roof’s deck, condensation occurs.

In the winter, attic condensation often turns into frost, which actually doesn’t pose any threat. However, when the frost melts, it turns back into condensation, which makes everything it touches wet –usually insulation and wood. Now, your wood frames, rafters, roof sheathing and attic insulation is vulnerable to mold and rot, which can cause larger problems, such as a roof leak. If you are experiencing ceiling or roof leaks, contact us to speak to a local expert.

What Causes Attic Condensation?

  • Poor attic insulation and/or ventilation
  • Improperly vented bathroom and dryer exhausts that are routed to the attic (instead of outside)
  • Hairline fractures in water pipes

How Do I Know if I Have Attic Condensation?

There are a few signs to look for when trying to determine if you have an attic condensation problem:

  1. Signs water has (or is) trickling down the walls
  2. Musky, damp odor
  3. Mold
  4. Rust
  5. Dark stains
  6. Damp or wet insulation
  7. Damp or wet wood
  8. Water marks on the floor
  9. Moisture on glass window panes or other flat surfaces
  10. Buckled, damaged or wet roof sheathing

How to Get Rid of Attic Condensation

In order to stop condensation (and frost) from developing in your attic you need to do 3 things:

  • Eliminate or reduce air leakage into the attic
  • Improve attic insulation
  • Improve attic ventilation
  • Ensure bathroom & dryer vents are routed outside

For a short-term fix you can put a dehumidifier in your attic, but understand that you may be emptying it multiple times a day until you can get a roofer to come out and implement the aforementioned solutions.

Other roof-related problems can occur during winter like ice dams, structural roof damage & more. To schedule a roof inspection or get an estimate on our roofing services, contact Reimer Roofing today!

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