Gutter Guard Styles – Which is Best for Your Home?

Not all gutter guard types are created equal. Below, our Waukesha roofers have covered the most common gutter guard styles, including a variety of deciding factors, such as ease of installation, cost, materials and more. Contact us today for more information or learn more about our roofing services.

Gutter Guard Screens*Wire Mesh
*Galvanized Steel
*Ideal for keeping out leaves and larger debris

*Holds up well

*Easy Installation

*Smaller debris like seeds, pine needles, maple seed helicopters, twigs & leaf stems can slip through and/or clog areas of the screen

*Larger debris can remain on top of the screen – blocking portions of the screen
*Occasional (debris can become entangled resulting in plugged areas of the gutter guard.

*Cleaning may be challenging as it can require gutter guard removal in clogged areas.
*Amerimax Home

*Spectra Metals

*Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards*Plastic
*Stainless Steel
*Block large and small debris, including shingle particles

*Easy Installation
*High volume water run-off may occur during heavy rains

*Pollen, dirt and sap can collect in micro mesh gutter guards and reduce the amount of water that can pass through.

*Can be damaged by heavy branches, ice and snow

*Can develop “sludge” that must be cleaned/removed

*Easy to blow or brush clean


*Leaf Filter
Hybrid Gutter Guards*Plastic
*Keeps large and small debris out of gutters

*Prevents moss and gutter tree/plant growth

*Easy Installation
*Large and small debris may sit atop the gutter guards, requiring occasional blow-off

*Infrequent*Amerimax Home Products

*Gutter Shingle
Gutter Guard Covers*PVC
*Galvanized Steel
*Helps keep large and small debris out of gutters

*Easy Installation
*Debris & snow can rest on top of the gutter covers

*Occasional (may need to brush off tops of gutter covers)*Amerimax Home Products

*E-Z Products/E-Z Gutter Guards/Midwest Enterprises, Inc.

*Leaf Off
Foam Gutter GuardsFoam (polyether)*Blocks large debris from entering gutters

*Easy Installation

*Debris remains on top of foam gutter guards, while water passes through

*Dirt, pollen, shingle debris can clog the pores, resulting in water overflow

*Moisture retained in foam gutter guards can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.

*Can promote moss, gutter tree and plant growth

*Usually shrinks, crumbles, decompresses or disintegrates within a couple years

*Cleaning can be challenging as debris must be removed from atop the foam gutter guards.

*Small debris is difficult to clear from pores.


*Leaf Defier

*Gutter Pro