Waukesha and New Berlin Re-Roofing Services

Re-Roofing Service Waukesha WI

Our professional roofers have years of experience with re-roofing on everything from traditional home layouts to highly complex architectural layouts with steep slopes, obscure angles and multi-level designs.

Reimer Roofing ensures you receive the best roofing style and materials to complement the aesthetics of your home, while standing up to Wisconsin weather year-round. We will also advise if it’s in your best interest to receive repair work instead of a complete re-roofing.

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Our Roofing Styles:

  • Grand Manor Roofing: Made for steeply pitched roofs, the grand manor uses two full sized fiberglass shingles with randomly applied tabs; tricking the eye to believe the depth and dimension is natural slate.
  • Capstone Roofing: Known for their enhanced shadow effect causing a wood shake look based on the random-cut European slate.
  • Rubber Cedar Roofing: Consisting of 95% recycled materials, rubber retains a black flow across the entire roof.
  • And many more.

Our Installation Team

Our team of professional roofers provide nothing short of the best service. Upon working one on one with a Reimer Roofing consultant, a time frame will be laid out for the completion of the project. This time frame is a rough estimate that separates Reimer from other roofing professionals by completing our projects ahead of schedule. Our installation process goes as follows:

  • We will assess the state of your roof
    • During this process we will identify either a spot roof repair or a full roof repair
  • Determine the duration of the project and how much it will cost
  • Begin tearing off sections of the roof if it is a partial roof repair, or we tear-off the existing roof providing a clean slate for the new roof
  • Our team will re-roof the home installing extra features if suggested by the homeowner
  • We cleanup any unwanted debris that accumulated throughout the construction process by sweeping with a roller magnet to catch loose nails and various other construction materials
  • Finally, we ensure the homeowner is satisfied with the re-roofing work completed

It’s true, a new roof is an investment as well as a big project to tackle but we work with you to make it as easy, enjoyable and affordable as possible.

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Our Guarantee

Our work is covered by a limited Lifetime No Leak Labor Warranty for guaranteed satisfaction years down the road. We stand behind our work by using only high quality materials and doing the job right the first time.

Customer Reviews

“I was impressed with the number of workers on the site. At any one time we had 8 workers on the roof all coordinated and knowing what to do. No one was ever standing around. Every worker I spoke with was very courteous, held a polite conversation about any question and took the time to engage. All nice guys and knowledgeable. This crew knows each other and works very well together which is very important because they make sure their high standards are consistent.”

I had a complete roof tear-off and new shingles, venting, flashing and ice dam installed They told me the job could take 2-3 days. They arrived early on stated date with a dozen workers. The entire job was completed in one day!

The crew never let excessive amounts of old roofing material accumulate. We did not have any plant or shrub damage and they regularly swept with a roller magnet to catch any loose nails on the sidewalk and driveway.